ID Talks Climate-Change Anxiety

If climate change and environment make young people take to the streets, these global challenges obviously have an influence on their mental health and wellbeing? What kind of approaches help you to address their climate-change worries? How can you promote climate resilience, both at an individual and at a societal level? Come and discover what role youth work can have to tackle climate-change anxiety.

Digital Youth Work

The importance of digital competences has been magnified in current times. For many young people life is fundamentally digital, while part of the youth are on the other side of the digital divide. However, digital youth work has a lot to offer for all. Digitality is a convenient tool, an appealing activity and important content in youth work. Digital Youth Work project improves and develops digital youth work across Europe having five focus points: national youth strategies, competences of youth workers, understanding of digital environments of young people, promoting digital creativity and critical digital literacy, and practices for virtual and blended mobilities.

Erasmus+ Forward-looking Projects application round ends 15.3.2023

Erasmus+ Forward-looking Projects aim to foster innovation, creativity and participation, as well as social entrepreneurship in different fields of education and training, within sectors or across...

Report: Digital Competences and Capacities in Youth Work

The report "Digital Competences and Capacities in Youth Work" is a result of the Digital Youth Work project.

Report: Enhancing Young People' Digital Competences

The report "Enhancing Young People' Digital Competences" is a result of the Digital Youth Work project. Digital Youth Work is a long term project of the National Agencies of Erasmus+ Youth and the...

Before the YKI test

Webinar series on recognition of qualifications spring 2023

The Finnish National Agency for Education organizes a webinar series on recognition of qualifications in Spring 2023.

Finnish National Agency for Education's decisions on eligibility for positions in the field of education and training

If you have completed your qualifications abroad and wish to work in the field of education and training in Finland, it is likely that you will need a decision from the Finnish National Agency for Education recognising your qualifications.

European Universities

Participants in the Erasmus+ programme’s European Universities Initiative develop high-quality education, research and innovations and promote mobility. The university networks engage in close and ambitious cooperation. The goal of the initiative is to promote fact-based economy, employment and welfare in Europe.

After the YKI test

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