Post-graduate and research scholarships for kindred peoples

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) awards scholarships for Finno-Ugric post-graduate students and researchers who carry out research in Finno-Ugric languages in Russia in universities outside Finland.

ID Talks Youth-Workers Wellbeing

In order to take care of someone else, you need to take care of yourself as well! But how do you take care of your self-care? What are the main wellbeing issues that youth workers are experiencing...

ID Talks Supporting Young People’s Wellbeing

You probably (hopefully) feel that youth work supports young people’s mental health and wellbeing. But what are young people’s needs, and how can you identify and support those needs better? What kind...

ID Talks Social-Media Addiction

You probably know (young) people who are constantly glued to their phone. Maybe that’s you? Let’s zoom in on social media addiction. How can you identify it in yourself and in others? Find out what...

Scholarships to Bachelor's and Master's level students of Finnish

Bachelor's and Master's level students of Finnish language from universities outside Finland can apply for a scholarship from EDUFI. Grants are available for studies in a Finnish university for a maximum of 6 months at both levels.

FinCEED Expert Assignments

FinCEED deploys experts from Finland for short-term assignments to support the developing countries in education sector. The assignments may relate to, for example, providing advice and peer support...

Working in early childhood education and care in Finland with a foreign qualification

A guide to recognition of early childhood education and care education completed

Elections are approaching – who will decide your future?

The learning material is meant for secondary schools and secondary education. Where appropriate, it can also be used in primary schools. The material is particularly relevant in the run-up to the...

Information about EDUFI traineeships

You can apply for an EDUFI traineeship abroad if you are a Finnish citizen or reside in Finland permanently. You need to be a student in higher education or newly qualified to apply for these positions. The application period for the traineeship takes place twice a year.
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