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Recognition and international comparability of qualifications

Recognition of qualifications refers to a decision on the eligibility that foreign qualifications provide when applying for a job or study place. In Finland, recognition decisions are made by competent authorities, educational establishments, higher education institutions and employers.
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Recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland

Information on recognition of qualifications completed abroad

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Recognition of Finnish qualifications abroad

Information on recognition of Finnish qualifications abroad

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For guidance purposes

Information and material on recognition of qualifications and on systems of education for guidance practitioners

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Academic recognition of qualifications and studies

Information on international agreements regarding academic recognition, good practices and information exchange networks for staff at higher education institutions

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Information to employers about recognition of qualifications

Does a job seeker or my employee who has completed a qualification abroad need a decision on the recognition of the qualification? You will find answers to this and other similar questions on this page.

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Professional Qualifications Directive

The national assistance centre for the Professional Qualifications Directive: information on the recognition of professional qualifications and regulated professions in Finland and other EU and EEA countries