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Facts Express 1C/2017: New perspectives on everyday schoolwork

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Facts Express 1C/2017
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Experiences of the impact of Erasmus+ staff mobility in Finnish schools

The European Union’s Erasmus+ programme funds, among other things, international mobility projects for pupils, students and teachers. In Finland, the staff mobility projects mean professional development activities abroad for teachers from comprehensive and general upper secondary schools.

The staff mobility projects in the Erasmus+ programme should answer to schools’ development needs. In this way, instead of just benefiting individual teachers, projects will have an impact on schools as a whole and their operating cultures. Mobility projects should also be linked to schools’ curricula as well as strategies and their development.

In 2016, Finland was a partner in an international study which looked at how well the aims of the staff mobility projects had been achieved in schools and what impact they had had on school communities. In this publication, we will present our national results.

The study looks at the impact of staff mobility projects from the perspectives of both teachers and head teachers as well as pupils and parents. The data was collected through a survey and interviews.

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