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Facts Express 8B/2018: Statistics on international mobility periods of higher education students in Finland 2017

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Facts Express 8B/2018
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This Facts Express publication aims at creating a picture of the developments and trends in international mobility of higher education students based on statistics on international mobility periods. The statistics are from 2017 and they have been retrieved from the Vipunen statistics service in July 2018.

The main focus is on longer mobility periods, which last at least 3 moths. They include both the students who have gone abroad to complete a mobility period and the students who have come to Finland.

At the end of the publication, a closer look is taken at how satisfied foreign exchange students are with their studies in Finland. The experiences have been gathered through the International Student Barometer survey which was implemented in autumn 2017 and to which more than 2,200 exchange students in Finnish higher education institutions responded.

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Irma Garam
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