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Peer Review Impact Guidelines

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Peer Review Impact Guidelines
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This booklet includes guidelines for maximising the impact of Peer Reviews in vocational education and training (VET) in Europe.

The Peer Review Impact Guidelines have been developed for those organisations intending to improve the impact of national and transnational Peer Reviews. The main aim of the Peer Review Impact Guidelines is to help VET providers, institutions and training centres to set up and carry out Peer Reviews and help them stay focused on the impact at all phases of the Peer Review process as well as to ensure impact after the Peer Review.

The Peer Review Impact Guidelines are intended to be used together with the European Peer Review Manual for VET. The Guidelines will be complemented by the Peer Review Impact Assessment Tool, also available on the EDUFI website.

Link to the Peer Review Impact Assessment Tool publication page.

Leena Koski (ed.)
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