Tasks, services and organisation

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) operates under the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is responsible for developing education and training, early childhood education and care and lifelong learning, as well as for promoting internationalisation.

As a national development agency, EDUFI has a wide range of tasks.

The activities of EDUFI include implementing national education policies, preparing the national core curricula and requirements for qualifications, developing education and teaching staff as well as providing services for the education sector, such as publishing education materials.

EDUFI promotes internationalisation in education and training, working life, cultural field and among young people through international cooperation and mobility programmes as well as with a range of other activities. EDUFI provides information on opportunities for internationalisation and promotes Finnish education and training abroad.

EDUFI publishes monitoring information on, among others, the costs of education, educational institutions, student numbers, applicants and graduates, as well as internationalisation in its field. The agency is also involved in the exchange of international information on education through European networks.

In addition, EDUFI provides an application service and admission register for secondary and tertiary education and training and works on issues of recognition and international comparability of qualifications.

EDUFI assists the Ministry of Education and Culture in the preparation of education policy decisions. The agency is managed by the Board, the members of which represent political decision-making, local authorities, teachers and social partners.

The operations of the Finnish National Agency for Education are organised into six departments:

  • General Education and Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Internationalisation Services
  • Services for the Education Sector
  • Administrative Services
  • Education in Swedish