• 15.3.2019

    Tuition fees lowered the number of new foreign students

    Over 4 150 foreign students started their degree studies at Finnish higher education institutions in 2017. The number decreased by nearly 25 % compared to the year before. In 2016 the number of new foreign entrants was 5 500.

  • 18.2.2019

    The number of pupils studying in the indigenous Sámi languages is increasing

    The number of both pupils receiving instruction in Sámi and pupils studying Sámi as a voluntary foreign language in basic education has increased in the early part of the 2000s. Now there are pupils studying in Sámi also in Helsinki.

  • 4.1.2019

    New organisation of Finnish National Agency for Education based on impact

    A reformed organisation structure and new management responsibilities were introduced at the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI at the beginning of this year. The new organisation is based on a number of main functions aiming at stronger impact of the activities. The objective of the reorganisation is also to reduce hierarchies and increase interaction both within the agency and with external partners.

  • 28.11.2018

    International mobility in upper secondary education is declining

    In 2017 Finnish students in upper secondary education completed fewer mobility periods than the previous year. This is evident in the statistics compiled by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Target countries in both VET and general upper secondary education were mainly in Europe. The EU Erasmus+ Programme is becoming more and more important of as a source of funding for student mobility.

  • 18.9.2018

    Participation in early childhood education and care has increased in Finland

    The participation rate in early childhood education and care is below the OECD average and clearly lower than in the 0ther Nordic countries. The participation rate has however grown evenly since 2000.