Curriculum reform 2016

Renewal of the core curriculum for pre-primary and basic education

The national core curriculum for pre-primary and basic education was renewed in 2014. The process involved all stakeholders, particularly education providers and education personnel. The aim was to encourage also parents and pupils to participate in the process.

The renewed core curriculum was completed by the end of 2014. New local curricula that are based on this core curriculum were implemented in schools from August 2016.

The renewed national core curricula for pre-primary and basic education have been published in English. Printed copies can be purchased on the FNBE online bookstore (user interface only available in Finnish and Swedish) or through international bookstores. Electronic copies are available on, Amazon, Ingram and iTunes.

In the video below, Ms Irmeli Halinen, Head of curriculum development with Finnish National Board of Education, discusses the reform in English.