Peer Review Impact Guidelines

The Draft version of the Peer Review Impact Guidelines started with deduction of critical success factors from the findings of the 14 case studies and analysis made based on them (see Peer Review Impact Analysis Report) and compared them with the REVIMP framework, designed in the previous Leonardo project.  The draft Guidelines was reviewed against the EQAVET (European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET).

The Peer Review Impact Guidelines will be developed for those organizations intending to improve the impact of national and transnational Peer Reviews.The main aim of the Peer Review Impact Guidelines is to help VET providers, institutions and training centres to set up and carry  out Peer Reviews and help them to focus in all phases of the Peer Review process and after the Peer Review on activities and structures promoting the impact.  The Peer Review Impact Guidelines are intended to be used together with the Peer Review Manual for European VET. 

The Draft of the Peer Review Impact Guidelines will be piloted, starting at the beginning of February 2011. The results of the piloting phase was collected and analysed and the summary of the piloting was discussed in the 4th transnational meeting in Hungary and after that finalized.

The Peer Review Impact Assessment Tool and transfer strategy paper

The Peer Review Impact Assessment Tool promotes the impact of Peer Reviews by helping the follow-up during the whole Peer Review process and  by helping to plan and implement improvement activities. Transfer strategies for partner countries prepared the transfer strategy paper for the future dissemination and valorization will be made at the end of the project.

The Peer Review Impact Guidelines are translated into Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian and Dutch. The electronic version of the final products are available on the webpage There is also a printed version of the Guidelines in English.


The Final Conference was organised in October 2011 in Finland.  

Materials from the conference:

Programme (pdf)
Leonardo programme's support to networking and quality assurance in Europe, Katriina Lammi-Rajapuro, CIMO (pdf)
Peer Review Impact - Introduction of the project and results, Leena Koski, FNBE (pdf)
The Dutch Peer Reviews, Willem de Ridder, ROC Aventus (pdf)
Vocational Education and Training Quality Improvement EU Conformity, A Hungarian Case, Katalin Molnár-Stadler (pdf)

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