Education policy

Providing equal opportunities for all citizens to high-quality education and training is a long-term objective of the Finnish education policy. The key words in Finnish education policy are quality, efficiency, equity and internationalisation. The basic right to education and culture is recorded in the Constitution. The policy is built on the principles of lifelong learning and free education. Education is seen as a key to competitiveness and wellbeing of the society.

There is a wide-spread consensus of the main pillars of education policy and the policy is characterized by cooperation and continuity - evolution rather than revolution. Tripartite partnership among Government, trade unions and employer organisations is an integrated part of policy-making. Participation and consultation of a wide range of different stakeholders play a central role in educational reform. Teachers and the Trade Union of Education as their representative are the key players in the development of education. The main objectives and broad lines of the policy are defined at central level, but the implementation of these is the responsibility of the local level.