WBL-TOI Manual 

Manual for planning of work-based learning – transfer of innovations

Quality in VET (Vocational Education and Training) has been actively developed involving co-operation across Europe during recent years. The quality of learning at workplaces is a key issue in terms of improving the quality of VET. Innovations and good practices of work-based learning developed over recent years should form an important and genuine resource at a time when there is a real need to develop the quality of VET.

Numerous good practices of work-based learning have also been created within VET as a result of innovative projects under Community programmes. A number of national projects and projects funded under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and by the European Social Fund (ESF) have developed the quality of VET and work-based learning in a goal-oriented manner, gaining remarkable results. Although results are known and published in compendium volumes or databases, they are only marginally exploited both nationally and transnationally. The Commission has specifically urged stakeholders to learn and apply good practices under the new Life Long Learning programme for 2007−2013. The problem is that good practices are considered to be very much dependent on their context and, therefore, their successful transfer seems to be quite challenging.

This Manual has been developed for those organizations intending to improve the planning of work-based learning. The main aim of this Manual is to help VET providers, colleges, training centers and enterprises to transfer good planning practices of work-based learning (WBL) from other organizations into their own organizations across Europe.

Pirjo Väyrynen (ed.)


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