Immigrant education in liberal adult education institutions 2010

At the behest of the Finnish National Board of Education, the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres (KoL) conducted a study which charted the educational offering aimed at immigrants in liberal adult education institutions as well as immigrant participation in courses. The purpose of the study was to gain an overview of the quantity, scope and funding of the educational offering in 2010. The need for the study was based on the fact that there was previously no equivalent current and comparable data available.

The study was conducted in January 2011 in the form of an online survey. The survey was sent by email to liberal adult education institutions which had received state funding at the time of the study. The survey was sent to 199 adult education centres, 85 folk high schools, 21 summer universities, 11 study centres and 11 sport institutes. Of these, a total of 140 institutions (43%) responded to the survey.

This report was drafted based on the feedback received, examining similarities and differences in immigrant education at liberal adult education institutions and between them.

Janica Anderzén


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Immigrant education in liberal adult education institutions 2010 (pdf)