Higher Education Cooperation with Russia

Assessment of CIMO’s Russia operations

The cooperation environment is constantly evolving; Higher Education sectors both in Finland and Russia are undergoing major reforms and public funding for HE institutions is decreasing. There was a clear need to evaluate the current objectives and practices in HE cooperation with Russia. How should the role of EDUFI in promoting and supporting cooperation between HE institutions in Finland and in Russia be defined? How should the cooperation programmes and support instruments be developed further? In order to find answers to these questions CIMO decided to implement an external evaluation of its programmes and activities promoting HE cooperation with Russia. From the beginning of 2017 CIMO and the Finnish National Board of Education merged to form Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) which continues to provide expert services in the same fields as the predecessors, including the Russia programmes and activities.

The evaluation was implemented by Dr. Ira Jänis-Isokangas from the University of Helsinki Aleksanteri Institute.

Author: Ira Jänis-Isokangas

Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-952-13-6349-8 (pdf)

Series: Reports and surveys 2017:3b

Publication is available in these languages: English, Finnish