Academic recognition of qualifications

Academic recognition of qualifications refers to

  • admitting someone to studies based on a foreign education, and
  • crediting of studies completed abroad towards a Finnish qualification.

In Finland, education providers and higher education institutions are responsible for academic recognition.

The Finnish National Agency for Education gives information to education providers and higher education institutions to support academic recognition. On the right you will find focal foreign sources of information. However, it is advisable to use information provided by the country in question.

Lisbon Recognition Convention on academic recognition of qualifications

The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, the so-called Lisbon Recognition Convention, is in force in Finland. The Convention eases academic recognition by improving the recognition procedures and increasing transparency.

Recommendations on among others the use of qualifications frameworks as tools in recognition, the criteria and procedures for the assessment on foreign qualifications, transnational education, joint degrees, and recognition of qualifications held by refugees have been accepted as appendices to the Convention.

The Convention is in force in nearly all European countries. In Finland, the universities and universities of applied sciences, the National Defence University, and the Åland University of Applied Sciences come within the scope of the Convention.

ENIC and NARIC networks

The Finnish National Agency for Education is the mandated national information centre that represents Finland in the ENIC (European Network of Information Centres) and the NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) networks. The networks share information on higher education systems, higher education degrees, recognition procedures and good practices in recognition of qualifications. The ENIC-NARIC -portal includes links to country specific sources of information. The Nordic National Recognition Information Centres (NORRIC) -network is formed by the ENIC and NARIC centres in the Nordic countries.

International joint degrees

An international joint degree is a programme of education, organised jointly by two or more higher education institutions that belong to the countries’ official system of education and that leads to a higher education degree.

The Finnish National Agency for Education has prepared a memorandum on matters that higher education institutions planning joint degree programmes should pay attention to when awarding degrees and issuing degree certificates.