Recognition of Finnish Qualifications Abroad

The international principle in recognition of qualifications is that the receiving party makes the interpretation of the level of a foreign qualification and the professional and academic rights it provides. It is not possible for Finnish authorities to directly influence the decision-making process of an authority in another country.

When applying for recognition of a Finnish qualification abroad, you can make use of the Europass documents, in particular the Certificate Supplement and Diploma Supplement. You may also apply to the Finnish National Agency for Education for a personal statement on your Finnish qualification.

Statements on Finnish qualifications

The Finnish National Agency for Education issues advisory statements on Finnish qualifications for international use. Statements can be prepared on qualifications which are governed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

The statement may concern:

  • The applicant’s eligibility for higher education studies in Finland
  • The status of the qualification and/or the educational institution within the Finnish system of education
  • Information on whether the qualification falls within the scope of the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC)
  • The content of the applicant’s qualification and the academic and professional rights it gives in Finland

Statements are issued in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Applying for a statement

You apply for a statement by submitting a completed and signed application form by post to the Finnish National Agency for Education. The documents needed as appendices are listed in the application instructions.

The application form and instructions are available in the right-hand column of this page, in the upper corner.

The fee for a statement is € 199,65 including the value added tax according to the Value Added Tax Act. The statement will be posted to the applicant or his/her contact person in Finland. An invoice will be sent separately to the same address as the statement.

The average period for processing is about three months.


Application form and instructions

Regulated professions