Recognition of professional qualifications within the EU

Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications (Professional Qualifications Directive) lays down the rules according to which a Member State must recognise education or professional qualifications acquired by an EU citizen in another Member State.

A decision on recognition of professional qualifications by a competent authority is needed in cases where the profession in question is regulated in the host Member State, i.e. when practising the profession is subject to a statutory requirement concerning education or professional experience. The decision on recognition of professional qualifications will be made by the host country’s competent authority by virtue of national legislation within that country. In Finland, the Act on Recognition of Professional Qualifications (1384/2015) is applied.

The Finnish National Agency for Education functions as the Finnish national assistance centre for the recognition of professional qualifications. The assistance centre is responsible for providing information about qualifications and competences and recognition procedures in Finland and other EU and EEA Member States.