Practical information

Language tests are held in four periods during the year. They take place in test centres all around Finland.

In order to participate in an YKI test, you should contact one of the test centres. Please read the following instructions.“


1. Choose a test level (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced)

2. Choose a day when you would like to participate in the test. Make sure that you’re registering during the registration period.

3. Choose one of the test centres and find their contact information on the search engine. Please notice that the details on the map may be erroneous or incomplete - the up-to-date information is on the search engine.

4. Make sure that there are still places available in the test centre of your choice. This information you can find on the search engine. If the test centre closest to you is full, choose another test centre.

5. Follow the registering instructions given by the test centre. Notice that the instructions between different centres may vary.

6. Once contacted the test organizer and ensured a place, complete and send the registration form to the test organizer (if you haven't already done so).


  • The Finnish intermediate level examinees are highly recommended to register as soon as the registration period opens because of the high number of participants!
  • Not every language or level is available in every test centre on every test day.
  • Registration for the test is binding!


The test fee is to be paid to the test centre after the registration. The test centre will send you a confirmation of your registration with information concerning the test and payment details.


Each test centre has its own rules on cancellation and in certain test centres it is not possible. In case you wish to cancel your registration, please follow the instructions given by your test centre.

Cancellation through The Finnish National Agency for Education is not possible.

Things to be taken into consideration before the test

The test consists of separate parts that measure different areas of language proficiency. A part of the test will be done in a language lab. If you are not familiar with working in a language lab or speaking into a microphone on a computer, we suggest you practice it before the actual test.

You can choose whether you want to have the task instructions and prompts in Finnish or Swedish. The exceptions to this rule are Finnish tests, which are monolingually in Finnish, Swedish tests, which are monolingually in Swedish, and the English Advanced Level test, which is monolingually in English.


A certificate with the test results will be sent in two months’ time following the test day. Unfortunately it is not possible to acquire earlier information about the results or the certificate.

Examinees with special needs

If you have a documented disability such as dyslexia, a hearing defect or a visual impairment you can request for special arrangements for the test. Presentation of the appropriate doctor’s certificate is required. In case of dyslexia, the certificate can be issued by a special needs teacher or psychologist in addition to a doctor. The certificate should contain information on how the disorder in question hinders taking the examination.

Print out the application for special arrangements and attach it as well as the doctor’s certificate to the registration form. Make sure to acquire the certificate well in advance so that the test centre will have time to make the arrangements. The test centres will not accept applications sent after the registration.