Preparing for the test

Here are some useful links for preparing for the test. Please note that The National Certificate of Language Proficiency is not a final exam of any course, nor does The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) offer any kind of language courses nor is affiliated with any organiser.

Useful websites for preparing

These websites contain practices that are aimed particulary for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency test. Notice that there is no official preparing material for the test: the FNBE is not responsible for the content of any manual or self-training website.

  • YKI demo
    Demonstration of the YKI test for Finnish basic, intermediate and high level
  • YKItreenit
    Self-training website for the YKI test in Finnish, Swedish and English offered by the Finnish National Broadcast (YLE). Registering is required.

Websites for self-training Finnish or Swedish

    A interactive website that invites you to learn Finnish language and culture. The site contains also a test which tests your aptness for the Finnish intermediate level as well as some Swedish language material.
  • Suomea, ole hyvä! Finnish - here you are!
    A self-training website including a vaste Finnish grammar database and exercises with an easy access (entirely in Finnish, however)
  • Tavataan taas! - Let's meet again!
    A website developed by the University of Helsinki Language Center for learning Finnish. Vocabulary and grammar of Finnish, as well as various phrases. There is also sound, so you can actually hear how the different words and phrases should be pronounced.
  • Article: Is Finnish a difficult language?
    Ms Hannele Branch, lecturer in Finnish at the University of London, writes on this is Finland-site about the origins of the Finnish language and gives you a quick guide to its grammar. Finnish is a logical language, she claims. Find out yourself...

Finding Finnish and Swedish language courses

Finnish and Swedish can be studied at vocational adult education centers, folk high schools, adult education centres, general upper secondary schools for adults, at language centers within higher education institutions and summer universities.

    Search engine for Finnish language courses in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku regions and Swedish language courses in Helsinki region
    Regional sorting of on Finnish and Swedish language courses (site also available in English)
  • Study in Finland
    Information on Finnish language courses on a website aimed at international students (in English)