Test levels

Which level should I choose?

Before you take the test you should familiarize yourself with the skill level descriptions and assess approximately what your skill level is. Based on your own assessment of your skill level, you should choose which test level suits you best and register for it.

The basic level test is suited for beginning learners, for example for people who have completed basic education. The intermediate level test is probably the best one for people who have completed the upper secondary school language curriculum or who have in some other way learned to use the language(s) of their choice fairly well. The advanced level test is for people who feel comfortable with using the language(s) of their choice often in various, even demanding, situations. For more detailed information on each skill level please read the section below.

The Basic level test (perustaso) is aimed at skill levels 1-2. This test is most suitable for adults who are in the beginning stages of language learning, who may perhaps visit the country where the language is spoken, or who otherwise occasionally come into contact with people who speak the language. Basic level skills can also constitute an ultimate target level for you if you just need the language for everyday purposes.

The Intermediate level test (keskitaso) is aimed at skill levels 3-4. This is the test for adults who sometimes use the language they are learning both in everyday and in work situations but cannot yet use the language to perform as an expert in their field.Their knowledge of the language and their skill in using it is quite good.

The Advanced level test (ylin taso) is aimed at skill levels 5-6. This test is suited for adults whose language skills match challenging tasks such as representing the workplace as an expert. These people can adjust their language according to the demands of the situation, and they understand writing and speech on common topics and in their area of specialization with relative ease. They can also convey the nuances of meaning accurately.

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