Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE): Webinar for applicants

Infotilaisuus Kansainvälistyminen Korkeakoulutus Erasmus+ Erasmus+ korkeakoulutukselle

Webinar for Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE) applicants applying in the 2020 call (deadline 5.2.2020).


  • CBHE General overview
  • Project Consortium and Financing rules
  • Application Process and Selection Procedure
  • What is assessed & How to write successful proposal
  • Good practice example: University of Eastern Finland

You can find the links to the webinar recordings as well as the slides of the webinar on the right. Please notice that we had some technical problems in the webinar; for that reason some of the slides are not shown in the recording. In addition, there is unfortunately a couple of minutes' gap in the UEF Case example video. We apologise for the inconvenience.