Erasmus+ temaattinen seminaari: Agroecology, technical and educational approach, Ranska 12.-14.4. 2023

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Aika: 12.-14.4. 2023

Paikka: Rambouillet, Ranska

Järjestäjä: Ranskan Erasmus+ -ohjelman kansallinen toimisto

Työkieli: englanti

Ranskan Erasmus+ -ohjelman kansallinen toimisto järjestää temaattisen seminaarin "Agroecology, technical and educational approach" eurooppalaisille ammatillisen ja korkeakoulutuksen asiantuntijoille maatalouden alalla.

Seminaarin tavoitteena on tarjota myös mahdollisuus uusien hankeideoiden kehittämiseen sekä uusien hankekumppanien löytämiseen Erasmus+ -hankkeisiin.

Seminaarin kuvaus:

Agroecology is an environmentally friendly form of agriculture that seeks to improve biomass renewal, ensure favourable soil conditions for plant growth and make the most of biological interactions using ecological processes. It promotes a more self-sufficient, local and profitable agriculture.

It is within this framework that the CEZ Bergerie Nationale is seeking to develop a coherent production system for its farm, based on the complementarity between crops and livestock, strengthening its autonomy and promoting short circuits.

Since 1994, the CEZ-Bergerie nationale has been a pioneer in raising awareness of the concept of sustainable development and its inclusion in agricultural education programmes.

It is therefore quite natural that it turned to agro-ecology in 2011, even before it was at the centre of the Ministry of Agriculture's policy, and then made it the main orientation of its school project. While the farm has since converted entirely to organic farming, all sectors of the school are concerned with these issues:

  • Producing differently;
  • Eating differently;
  • Teaching to produce differently;
  • Living differently in the territories.

The CEZ-Bergerie Nationale is part of the national support system of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty for technical agricultural education. It participates in teacher training and produces educational tools as part of the "Teaching to produce differently" plan, thus accompanying agricultural schools in the agro-ecological transition.

Themes and goals:

Agroecology has developed as an (inter)discipline combining ecology and agronomic sciences, addressing issues of production, biodiversity conservation and landscape ecology, while respecting natural balances and ecosystems.

Agroecology is an environmentally friendly form of agriculture that seeks to improve biomass renewal, ensure favourable soil conditions for plant growth, and make the most of biological interactions by using ecological processes. It favours a profitable, more autonomous and more local agriculture

Objectives and priorities:

The thematic and study seminar will be structured around several axes/priorities:

  • Discovering feedback on agroecology: different European projects, different educational methods;
  • Get inspired and share among Europeans: different perceptions, current situations and experiences of each;
  • To question how to implement agroecology in Erasmus+ projects;
  • to meet potential and future partners: create links, network and set up Erasmus+ projects.

Expected results:

This thematic seminar, enriched by visits of the Bergerie Nationale farm will allow for a more in-depth study of the theme, the exchange of good practices between all the European participants, and networking in order to stimulate the potential implementation of E+ projects following the seminar.

With the support of exchanges between the participants and the interventions of various experts, the workshop of the 3rd day will allow to question/respond the way of integrating agroecology in Erasmus+ projects.

Example of the sustainable development concept implemented for almost 30 years by the zootechnical teaching centre - Bergerie nationale in Rambouillet (France)

Additional information:

Agroecology at the CEZ-Bergerie nationale (French version):

Video presentation on agroecology at CEZ-Bergerie nationale (French version and Spanish subtitles):

Created in 1786 by the King of France, the "Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet" aimed to improve wool production and agriculture in the country. It welcomed the first specimens of mixed Spanish sheep flocks which, in the 19th century, gave rise to the Rambouillet Merino breed.


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