Erasmus+ temaattinen seminaari korkeakoulutukselle Belgiassa: "Blended mobility for Higher Education: challenges, opportunities and concrete implementation", 7-9.6.2023

Seminaari Korkeakoulutus Erasmus+ Erasmus+ korkeakoulutukselle TCA

Aika: 7.-9.6.2023

Paikka: Brysel, Belgia

Järjestäjä: Belgian Erasmus+ -ohjelman kansallinen toimisto

Työkieli: englanti

Belgian Erasmus+ -ohjelman kansallinen toimisto järjestää temaattisen seminaarin "Blended mobility for Higher Education: challenges, opportunities and concrete implementation".  Seminaari on kohdennettu henkilöille jotka työskentelevät Blended Intensive programmes (BIP) toteutuksen kanssa. 

Seminaarin kuvaus:

Erasmus+ new Programme 2021-2027 has launched the possibility for Higher Education Institutions to implement various format of blended mobility activities, with a focus on blended intensive programmes and short term blended mobility activities.

These 2 specific mobility formats are a great opportunity for HEIs, teachers and students, but lead to several practical questions regarding their concrete implementation.

  • How to manage the administrative and legal Erasmus+ requirements of these specific mobility formats (learning agreements, grants, Inter-institutional agreements, use of the budget,  ….)
  • How to design the virtual learning component?
  • How to create innovative content and approaches for these specific “blended” formats?
  • How to ensure an adequate recognition of the learning outcomes of these learning experiences?
  • How to collaborate with other Higher Education Institutions, but also, internally within your own institution (management, teachers, communication) to promote, create and implement properly Erasmus+ blended mobility activities?
  • How to foster the 4 Erasmus+ horizontal priorities (and especially inclusiveness) in the way blended mobility activities are implemented?

The focus of this seminar will be put on 2 specific blended mobility formats: blended intensive programmes and short term blended mobility but other blended formats could be discussed, depending on the needs of the participants.

Expected results:

This seminar will be the opportunity for participants to:

  • Learn about the Erasmus+ possibilities and rules regarding blended mobility opportunities and activities for Higher Education Institutions.
  • Have an overview of the results of the survey launched in September 2022 and addressed to the 42 Erasmus+ HEIs (taking part in Erasmus+) from the French Community of Belgium on the way they are currently implementing Erasmus+ blended mobility activities (challenges, practices, understanding).
  • Exchanges of practices between HEIs representatives on key questions related to the implementation of blended mobility (administrative management, virtual learning component, recognition of learning, innovative approach, communication, …).
  • Conclude the seminar with practical recommendations to ensure a better and smoother implementation of Erasmus+ blended mobility activities by Higher Education Institutions (recommendations for the European Commission, National Agencies, Higher Education Institutions, other relevant stakeholders).

Additional information:

All activities will take place at NH Collection Brussels Centre (Brussels, Belgium), where BE01 NA has reserved rooms for all participants. Rooms (2 nights) and all meals in the programme will be organised and paid by the Belgian National Agency (FR-BE01). The programme will start on Wednesday 07th of June 2023 at 1 pm (CET) and will end on Friday 9th of June 2023 around 2 pm (CET).



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AnneSophie Hokkanen (korkeakoulutus), annesophie.hokkanen [at] (annesophie[dot]hokkanen[at]oph[dot]fi), +358 029 533 1127


Aika ja paikka

7. – 9.6.2023


6.4.2023 – 29.4.2023 klo 23:59