Focus on the Global South: EDUFI Programmes Coordinator Meeting

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Welcome to a two-day event - Focus on the Global South: EDUFI Programmes Coordinator Meeting!

To whom? 

Colleagues at Finnish higher education institutions working with HEI ICI, TFK, Erasmus+ CBHE, CBVET, as well as global and bilateral cooperation projects with the Global South (including both mobility and cooperation projects).  Both administrative and academic staff working with the projects are welcome to attend.  However, due to space limitations, we may have to limit participants to one participant /project. In this case we will contact the project in question.

Main language is English, but Finnish may be used.


  • To strengthen connections between Finnish HEI colleagues working with partners from the Global South. 
  • To exchange practices and leverage collective wisdom on project cooperation and implementation. 
  • To provide real-time insights into educational cooperation progress and ongoing projects in the Global South. 
  • To foster discussion about equal partnerships and ethical guidelines. 


Preliminary programme

Day 1 

Current updates for cooperation with the Global South, gain insights into ongoing projects and engage in practical discussions about ethical guidelines, impact and communication for cooperation.

10:00 Welcome 
10:30 Session 1: Current support for projects in the Global South   
11:30 Session 2: Unpacking project success stories (panel spotlight)
12:30 Lunch 
13:30 Session 3: Workshop on Ethical Guidelines 
14:45 Coffee and refreshments 
15:15 Session 4: Impact and communication for projects 
16:30 End of day  

Day 2 

Programme-specific coordinators meetings for HEI-ICI, TFK and CBHE/CBVET projects that have received financing. The three meetings will have dedicated sessions tailored to each programme, where you will explore specific issues and have a chance to meet other projects from the same programme.  

9:00 Kickstarting programme-specific coordinators meetings
10:30 Coffee and refreshments 
12:00 / 13.00 End of day (depending on the meeting)  

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Aika ja paikka

24. – 25.10.2023
Opetushallitus , Helsinki
Hakaniemenranta 6


14.9.2023 – 10.10.2023 klo 23:59