Peruutettu: Erasmus+ kontaktiseminaari korkeakoulutukselle Turkissa: Inclusion of refugees into HE systems and the contribution of Erasmus+ Programme to this process, 10-11 October, Gaziantep

Seminaari Kansainvälistyminen Korkeakoulutus Globaali yhteistyö Erasmus+ Erasmus+ korkeakoulutukselle TCA

Päivitys 22.6.2023

Seminaari on peruutettu


Aika: 10-11.10.2023

Paikka:  Gaziantep, Turkki

Järjestäjä: Turkin Erasmus+ -ohjelman kansallinen toimisto

Työkieli: englanti

Turkin Erasmus+ -ohjelman kansallinen toimisto järjestää kontaktiseminaarin "Inclusion of refugees into HE systems and the contribution of Erasmus+ Programme to this process".  Seminaari on kohdennettu korkeakoulujen Erasmus+ henkilökunnalle tai  korkeakoulujen henkilöstöille jotka työskentelevät  korkeakoulutuksen osallisuuden ja monimuotoisuuden parissa tai näiden asioiden parissa työskenteleville kansalaisjärjestöille.


Seminaarin kuvaus:


Themes and goals:

The number of displaced people around the world has reached unprecedented levels. Lack of access to education is especially problematic for refugees due to their lack of a homeland, their citizenship ambiguity, as well as language and other barriers. The fact that only 6% of all adult refugees having access to HE makes the issue even more urgent. Like all people, refugees have dreams for a better life, one without oppression and violence. Access to higher education transforms peoples’ lives. It enables learners to develop the skills and capabilities that are needed in the 21st century, and helps to build the capital needed to make the most of personal, social and economic opportunities. To that end, governments, supranational structures (EU, UN etc) and universities become more aware of the plight of refugees, more programmes and scholarships are becoming available for them. During the session, the importance of the issue will be underlined. The number of the Syrian Refugees has reached to 3,5 million since the outbreak of Syrian Conflict. The event will be hosted by Gaziantep University with around 2.500 enrolled Syrian students, located in Gaziantep and sheltering the most Syrian refugees in Türkiye, will mention about its projects, scholarships and programmes dedicated to integration of Syrian Refugees into Higher Education. 

Expected results:
  • Elaborating Programme Rules on the concept of fewer opportunities and Establish a common understanding of those who may be considered people with fewer opportunities and discussing including them in the Programme
  • Increase the competences of participants to improve the inclusion and diversity dimension in their Erasmus+ projects
  • Promoting good examples related to implementations fostering inclusion and diversity through direct involvement of participants with fewer opportunities 
  • Providing a communication channel (platform) for exchange of ideas and networking opportunities
  • Providing NAs` and experts` additional support in identifying various areas for improvement and enable valuable sharing of ideas among participants
  • Discussing the ways of Integration of refugees into HE systems among programme countries and sharing good practices for this as well as the contribution of Erasmus+ programme to integration process  


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AnneSophie Hokkanen (korkeakoulutus), annesophie.hokkanen [at], +358 029 533 1127


Aika ja paikka

10.10. – 11.11.2023


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