Erasmus+ kontaktseminariet för allmänbildande utbildning i Malta: eTwinning for smart digital learning

Seminarium Internationalisering Grundläggande utbildning Erasmus+ Allmänbildande utbildningen eTwinning TCA

Organisationer verksamma inom den allmänbildande utbildningssektorn som planerar ett europeiskt samarbetsprojekt (Erasmus+ KA229 eller KA201), som ännu inte har en partnerorganisation för projektet, kan ansöka om ett stipendium hos den nationella byrån för Erasmus+-programmet för att delta i ett kontaktseminarium. 35 deltagare från olika håll i Europa: möjlighet att träffa kolleger, bilda nätverk och hitta nya projektparter.

  • tid: 12.-13.11.2019
  • plats: Valletta, Malta
  • anordnare:  Maltas Erasmus+ nationella kontoret
  • språk: engelska


  • The seminar is targeted at Head of Departments, Heads of Schools, teachers and educators of primary and early secondary education schools, i.e. of students between the ages of 7-13 years;
  • Participants should be interested in acquiring more information on KA2 eTwinning projects, with a particular, though not exclusive, interest in smart digital learning and in creating smart classrooms;
  • Participants should have at least some experience of eTwinning projects – example having experience in at least one eTwinning project;
  • Participants should be willing to create new partnerships and developing new project ideas to be submitted in the next Erasmus+ KA229 call;
  • Participants should be willing to exchange good practices

Seminariets beskrivning

Themes and goals:

In our digital age, students have dramatically new learning needs. Educators and Administrators of schools and learning institutions are trying to adjust to these needs by moving towards smart classrooms using smart digital learning, which lays its foundations on smart devices and intelligent technologies. Indeed, by tapping into the use of modern technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D printing and Chatbox, educators can revolutionise the way they educate, making learning more effective, flexible and efficient. This seminar aims, therefore, to look into these new possibilities and to examine how to combine online and onsite learning and how this technology can encourage real-time collaboration via eTwinning and the Erasmus+ programme. Indeed, eTwinning will be explored as the main means through which students are provided with the opportunity to quality modern education which will help them understand concepts better, improve their reading and comprehensive skills and ultimately achieve academic excellence.

Expected results:

Networking, new partnerships, new project ideas for Erasmus+ KA2 eTwinning projects in the field of school education, draft applications and the eventual increased participation of schools in eTwinning projects targeting digital learning


3 platser för finländska deltagare från organisationer inom allmänbildande utbildning kan sökas. Bidrag för resekostnader (högst 750 euro) kan ansökas hos den nationella byrån för Erasmus+-programmet. Logi- och måltidskostnader som ingår i seminarieprogrammet betalas direkt ur Erasmus+-programmets budget.

Ansökningstid går ut 25.8.2019

Mer information:
Katariina Petäjäniemi, , puh: 0295 338 506


Date and place

Valletta, Malta


2.8.2019 – 25.8.2019 kl 23:59


Ansökningsanvisning (pdf)