Guidance for Applicants of Strategic Partnerships

Informationsmöte Utbildning Internationalisering Utveckling av utbildningen Högskoleutbildning Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Högskoleutbildningen

Webinar for applicants of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in the field of Higher Education applying in the 2020 Call (deadline 24 March 2020). The language of the webinar is English.

Outline of the webinar (starting times of different sections in the recording):

I General Overview of the Action
II Financing Rules (34:25)
Case example and tips from SP coordinator: Raija Kokko, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (1:14:25)
III How to write successful proposal (1:52:20)
IV Application & selection procedure (2:04:20)
V How are the applications assessed (2:13:50)

Datum och plats

30.1.2020 09.30–12.00


Webinar presentation