The Finnish National Agency for Education uses the working life feedback survey to monitor and report regularly on how the actors at workplaces and the partners in the business sector find cooperation with vocational institutions. The results of the survey are taken advantage of in the monitoring and development of vocational education and training.
henkilö arvioi painotuoteen väriä väripaletilla

Vocational institutions develop qualified professionals in cooperation with the workplaces and the business sector. The workplace and the educational institution can together find solutions to the changing competence needs of the company or organisation or develop the operating conditions and competitiveness of the sector. The Finnish National Agency for Education and vocational institutions therefore collect regular feedback on cooperation with the educational institutions from workplace instructors and workplace representatives by conducting the working life feedback survey.

The results are used nationally in the monitoring and enhancement of the quality of vocational education and training and as from 2023, they will also contribute to the effectiveness-based funding received by education providers. Education providers use the received feedback to develop the monitoring and development of the customer-orientation and quality of their activities.