TFK programme

The purpose of the Team Finland Knowledge programme is to create and strengthen cooperation between Finnish higher education institutions and the target regions and countries selected to the TFK network, and to design new operating models for cooperation. The programme funds educational cooperation between higher education institutions through cooperation and mobility projects.

Universities outside Finland in which you can study Finnish language and culture

A list of universities in our network offering Finnish language and culture teaching, of which there are over 80 universities in almost 30 countries at the moment.

"Guidance professionals deserve all the support they can get"

Dóra, what is your relationship with guidance? Most of my professional life, I have been involved in education and training. I have been the manager of Euroguidance in Iceland for some twenty years...

Post-graduate and research scholarships for kindred peoples

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) awards scholarships for Finno-Ugric post-graduate students and researchers who carry out research in Finno-Ugric languages in Russia in universities outside Finland.

Euroguidance supports guidance professionals

Euroguidance network promotes cooperation and exchange of information in the field of guidance and counselling in Europe.

Cooperation Partnerships for Higher Education

Information on recognition of qualifications for guidance purposes

The Finnish National Agency for Education advises education providers, higher education institutions and other stakeholders on questions concerning academic and professional recognition of qualifications. On this page, you can find guidance material on recognition of qualifications and information about foreign systems of education to support your guidance work.

Study material and magazines for universities outside Finland

Universities outside Finland can apply for financial support from the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) to acquire Finnish study material and subscribe to magazines to support their teaching of Finnish language and culture.

Organisation of Finnish National Agency for Education

The organisation and leadership of the Finnish National Agency for Education.


The main tasks of the Finnish National Agency for Education, briefly explained.
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