Team Europe Initiatives

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) implements the following Team Europe programmes as part of the Global Gateway investment package of the European Commission: Regional Facility for Teachers in Africa (RFTA) and Opportunity-Driven Skills and Vocational Education and Training (OP-VET). Both programmes are regional, focusing on sub-Saharan African countries. The RFTA programme focuses on teacher education and teacher professional development (92 million euros), while the OP-VET programme addresses vocational education and training from an opportunity-driven perspective (75 million euros). Both programmes are funded by the European Commission.

After the YKI test

Nearly EUR 21.8 Million in EU Grants for Finnish Higher Education Institutions' Intra-European Mobility in Erasmus+ Programme

The 2024 Erasmus+ programme's grant for intra-European mobility has been awarded to Finnish higher education institutions. This year, the institutions received a total of EUR 21,794,105 in EU funding, which is over EUR 2.7 million, approximately 14% more than last year.

For Ukrainian refugees

This site is intended for those who have fled the war in Ukraine to Finland. It contains information about the benefits of attending Finnish early childhood education and care and education, opportunities of participating in education and training for those who have a residence permit based on temporary protection as well as how having a municipality of residence affects your child's early childhood education and care, pre-primary education, basic education and studying.

Global mobility (KA171) for higher education institutions - results for the application rounds

Erasmus+ for higher education, school education and vocational education and training: Jean Monnet application round ends 1.2.2024

Jean Monnet Actions support teaching, learning, research and debates on various aspects of the European Union in different education sectors. Funding is available for various actions in the fields of...

Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and General Education: The deadline for applications under the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies action is 7 September 2021

The Erasmus+ Teacher Academies action supports the development of teacher education in European cooperation.

Erasmus+ for Higher Education

Erasmus+ for Higher Education supports international cooperation between higher education institutions and international mobility of their students, teachers and other staff. Additionally, the programme promotes the quality and internationalisation of higher education.

International mobility of VET students

Finnish National Agency for Education collects and publishes annually statistics on mobility of students and staff in vocational education. Data collection concerns all students and staff who study or work among vocational upper secondary qualification.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has changed society and the economy with an ever deepening impact on everyday life, and demonstrated the need for higher levels of digital capacity of education and training systems and institutions. Digital transformation describes the utilisation of digital technologies to drive a change in social, economic and cultural processes and structures. It should be seen as a wide phenomena and process touching all aspects of modern societies, not only as a technology to facilitate learning or youth engagement.
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