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Finnish National Agency for Education

Finnish National Agency for Education core tasks are to develop education and training, early childhood education and lifelong learning and to promote internationalisation in Finland.

Welcome to the Finnish National Agency for Education’s (EDUFI) website.

EDUFI provides information on the effect of the coronavirus on early childhood education and schools in Finland. We have also opened an email address for advice on the coronavirus and education services. The service is meant for education providers, schools and organisations taking part in international programmes, and it operates during office hours (8.00-16.00).

Due to the large number of questions submitted to the address, there may be a delay in responding. We are currently prioritising answering the most urgent questions, and will answer other questions as soon as possible. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.





Our external services around the web

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EDUFI bookstore

In our bookstore, we sell learning materials, print versions of our publications and other useful materials.

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Studyinfo is the shared portal site for applying to both vocational and general upper secondary studies, as well as to higher education institutions.

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Vipunen - Education Statistics Finland

Vipunen provides many kinds of detailed statistics on education in Finland.

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Education Finland

Education Finland is a national education export program, offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally.

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This is the English language version of the website that contains the qualification requirements for vocational education in Finland.