Move! statistics is the national database of the measurements that provides information about children’s and adolescents’ prerequisites of the daily well-being in Finland:

  • For an individual pupil, Move! provides information and feedback about his/her own physical functional capacity and tips on how to improve it.
  • Pupils’ parents receive information about the prerequisite of their child’s physical well-being and what factors related to the child’s well-being they should pay attention to.
  • Health care professionals receive information about pupils' well-being and possible hindering factors.
  • Teachers receive information on what aspects of the physical functional capacity they should pay attention to when planning the curriculum.
  • On the national level, Move! produces objective information about children’s and adolescents’ physical functional capacity, for example, to support political decision making.

Symbolism of faces is used in the statistics to represent the results. Faces are based on the national reference values which are determined by the Move! expert taskforce. All measurement results are gathered to the database anonymously. An individual pupil can not be identified from the data.  

In the Move! statistics, the national results of each measurement section, results based on the grade level and results based on the gender are shown. The statistics are based on the individually entered pupil specific information. In addition, summaries of the provincial results are published. The results of the municipality will be forwarded only to the assigned person in charge.