Quality assurance in vocational education and training (VET) is developed in the same direction in the Member States of the European Union. The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) is the national reference point for quality management (EQAVET NRP), which promotes the jointly agreed objectives of quality management (which are defined in the EQAVET Framework) in VET in the EU in cooperation with the national reference points (NRPs) of the other Member States.

The EQAVET NRP project is a project funded by the European Commission for the period 2021–2023. The project develops practices for the implementation of quality assurance in VET in line with the EQAVET Framework. EDUFI is responsible for the project and the project is implemented in cooperation with education providers and the NRPs of other countries. 

The aim of the EQAVET NRP project (2021–2023) is to

  • Support the use of the model of continuous improvement based on the EQAVET Framework
  • Support the implementation of the national quality strategy for VET
  • Promote peer review as a quality assurance tool
  • Increase transparency, cooperation and trust between the EU Member States in issues related to quality assurance

The project maintains a quality network for VET, develops the quality assurance of the qualification requirements, promotes the use of international peer review in vocational institutions and participates in international peer review.