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Exploring Finnish Digital Education

On this website we identify the key elements of Finnish digital education that could be also adapted and implemented in countries seeking to transform their education systems. The website includes an analysis of the Finnish education system and identifies the policies, practices, and strategies that have led to its success.

Welcome to explore Finnish digital education

Defining educational ecosystems,
digital education, and learning solutions


Lukujen esittely

When adapting digital education practices and solutions, it is important to consider specific cultural, social, and economic contexts. This may require making adjustments to the practices and solutions to ensure they are culturally appropriate and effective. Below you will find some main concepts related to digital education and learning.


Digital Education

As outlined in the EU Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027, digital education is made up of many components, including:

  • Infrastructure, including the access to internet and digital devices
  • Teachers’ competencies with digital tools and best practices
  • Instruction focusing on the appropriate and creative use of digital technology
  • Individual learners' application of digital skills

Learning solutions

Learning solutions assist schools, teachers and learners in achieving their goals

  • Digital platforms for management of learning and education at classroom, school administration and whole system level
  • Professional development for educators, delivered both digitally and in-person
  • Learning materials, content, and applications used at the students' level to improve educational outcomes

Educational Ecosystems

Educational Ecosystems consist of  

  • Educators and learners, educational stakeholders, community-members
  • Materials
  • Environments

An educational ecosystem enriched by digitalisation weaves technological components throughout for its learners and educators alike.


The global learning crisis calls for effective educational solutions

Developing and sharing high-quality educational content for global educational challenges

Your Context

On this site we will explore Finland’s experiences in and of digital education, keeping in mind and providing a case for "your context" at the end of each section as well. We will feature several digital learning solutions and practices, which were selected for their familiarity in the Finnish context.

How can the Finnish experience and Finnish educational technology assist you in creating and maintaining a digital education ecosystem?

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