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MPASSid is a national identification brokering service used in continual learning. It is available for early childhood education and care, basic education and secondary education. MPASSid is owned and operated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

MPASSid enables single sign-on access to compatible digital services used in teaching and learning. A user ID given by the education provider, the local authority, is used to sign in and there is no need to sign in again when transferring between services.

The service is easy and straightforward to adopt! With it, you will significantly reduce the number of expensive and time-consuming integrations. MPASSid saves the education provider’s time and money because service providers no longer need to perform a case-specific integration into the local authority’s systems. When the service provider has performed the easy implementation of MPASSid, its services are immediately available in municipalities that are members of the MPASSid network.

Main features

MPASSid is GDPR compliant and standardises the transmission of data from the education provider’s personal data register to electronic services. The MPASSid service performs the integration between the user registers of educational institutions and the different identification services. It provides service providers and the education provider’s other partners with a uniform and secure method for identifying end users – teachers and pupils.

MPASSid supports several identification techniques, including Wilma, G Suite, LDAP and MS AD Azure. The education provider can itself choose which identification technique is most suitable for it.

MPASSid is owned and operated by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The technical provider of the service is CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. The service maintained by the operator transmits the profile of the identified user to the service provider. The data in the profile is based on a register kept by the education provider.

The MPASSid data model is publicly available (see links below).

From an organisational point of view, MPASSid is based on a trust network in which service providers and teaching and education providers are members. The members of the trust network commit to shared rules on the handling of the user data, defined in the agreement. This way, we guarantee that the handling of personal data is conducted according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and requires as little work on agreements as possible.