Become a registered Europass user!

Registered Europass users can create a comprehensive profile which will help them to view, manage and present their achievements and plans.
Europassi Portfolio

Registered users have more tools to use

In the new Europass it is still possible to create CVs and cover letters as a guest user. Both guest users and registered users can search for jobs and courses via the Europass-portal.

By registering users can also save their CVs, cover letters and other documents into their own Library. They can also share and download documents from the Library.

The most important new feature is the Europass portfolio. Users can compile their work and studying experiences, interests and skills to create a full profile that describes their achievements. The new Europass suggestion tool can also use this information to suggest targeted jobs and courses.

How to register?

Users can start registering by clicking “Create your free Europass” -tab in the front page of Europass portal. There will appear a form where the user adds basic information about themselves. We recommend to create the profile carefully. The user experience will be better when the profile is created properly. When creating CVs or cover letter users can also add information from their profile directly into the templates.

By adding interests and skills the Europass suggestion tool will function better. The beta version of the tool offers course and job suggestions based on the information in the profile. These suggestions will be visible in the portfolio page.


Developing the best version of Europass

Europass is constantly developing. The feedback from end-users and our stakeholders, such as the education institutions, is invaluable. Europass is developed in co-operation with other European countries and stakeholders.

More information about developing Europass in the project page.