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Over 9 500 study places available in the autumn joint application

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The autumn joint application to higher education begins on 31st August 2022 at 8:00 (UTC+3) and ends on 14th September at 15:00 (UTC+3). In the autumn joint application, you can apply to degree programmes starting in January 2023. You can fill in the application on
Ihmisiä istumassa ja juttelemassa

In this autumn joint application, there are 9 512 study places in 315 application options to apply to. About half of the study places are assigned to the field of health and welfare.

Most of the programmes available are offered in Finnish – however, there are tens of programmes available in English in multiple sectors. You can apply to both Bachelor’s and Master’s level programmes. 21 universities of applied sciences and five universities take part in the autumn joint application, with 92% of the programmes offered by universities of applied sciences. Most of the programmes offered by universities are either Master’s level programmes or programmes aimed at open university students.

You can apply to up to six programmes in the autumn joint application. The programmes must be selected in an order of preference. You can only be offered admission to one application option. If you are accepted to multiple programmes, you will only be offered admission to the one that is highest on your application preference list.

The admission results are published on 25th November 2022 at the latest.

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  • Special advisor Topias Kähärä, firstname.lastname [at], tel: 029 533 1758
  • Special advisor Mikko Eronen, firstname.lastname [at], tel: 029 533 1485