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Facts Express 6B/2018: What brought students to Finland, how do they find studying here?

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Facts Express 6B/2018
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Results for the International Student Barometer of foreign degree students in higher education institutions

Today, in total over 20,000 foreigners are completing their degrees in Finland’s 14 universities and 23 universities of applied sciences. On what grounds do foreign students choose a Finnish higher education institution? What kinds of experiences do they have of studying in Finland?

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is a survey aimed at international exchange and degree students studying in different countries carried out by the British iGraduate. The present ISB survey, which was carried out in autumn 2017, had 15 Finnish higher education institutions take part. The Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI supported the participation to receive results from as many higher education institutions as possible.

This publication presents the results of the foreigners completing their entire higher education degree in Finland.

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