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Faktaa - Facts and figures 1B/2018: Quality and competitiveness

Internationalisation Vocational education and training
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Faktaa 1B/2018
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International activities of vocational education and training staff and the effects of these activities on their vocational institution

It is clear that international activities of VET staff benefit vocational institutions in many ways: networks and competences are created, the periods abroad provide new influences and they inspire new operating practices both nationally and internationally. The internationalisation of teachers also increases the skills and competences of not just teachers but also students, as teachers’ experiences inspire the students to try their own wings abroad.

This publication looks at the internationalisation of staff from three topical points of view. First, an overview of statistics is provided: how actively do VET staff complete mobility periods, what kinds of developments have there been over the past few years, and how is mobility distributed by, for example, regions or sectors in Finland. Next, an analysis of the participant reports in the Erasmus+ programme is presented: What can they tell about the benefits of VET staff mobility? And, finally the benefits of Erasmus+ mobility periods for VET staff are discussed on the basis of the material from a bespoke Finnish interview survey and study about the concrete impacts of the staff’s international activities on the institutions: the learning and teaching practices, the institutions’ cooperation with working life and the structures and operations of the VET institutions.

Faktaa – Facts and Figures is a series of publications presenting the findings of studies, reports and statistics produced by the Finnish National Agency for Education in a compact form. The publications are available both in print and as PDF documents.

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