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Learning in, about and for development partnerships

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Learning in, about and for development partnerships
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What competences does a global citizen need for building a development partnership?

”Global education contributes to creating preconditions for fair and sustainable development in line with UN development goals.” 
National core curriculum for basic education in Finland 2014

Development partnerships between schools located in different countries are one area of global education. The project titled Schools as development partners implemented by the Finnish National Board of Education in 2013–2015 together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the schools’ network and a number of specialists focused on development partnerships. 

The project examined what an equal development partnership is, on what terms it can be successful, how difficulties can be encountered, and what stages of development, or steps, the building of development partnership contains. 

This publication provides a review of the key outcomes of the Schools as development partners project. In Finland, the publication is envisaged to serve the local curriculum work of basic education and general upper secondary education for the part of global education. It supports the planning, implementation and evaluation of global education projects in comprehensive schools and general upper secondary schools.

This publication is an abridged version of the Finnish publication "Kehityskumppanuutta oppimassa". The Swedish (full) translation is titled "Skolor lär sig utvecklingspartnerskap".

Paula Mattila, Liisa Jääskeläinen, Heli Niska and Tarja Repo (eds.)
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