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Joint application to English-taught programmes begins tomorrow at 8

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The first joint application of the spring to universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) begins on Wednesday the 8th of January at 8:00. The joint application ends on Wednesday, the 22nd of January at 15:00. The application form can be filled at
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Starting from 2020, the joint application to higher education is divided into two separate joint applications. In the upcoming first joint application of the spring, one can apply to study programmes taught in languages other than Finnish or Swedish, as well as study programmes provided by University of the Arts. In the second joint application of the spring, one can apply to higher education study programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish. The application period for the second joint application is 18.3.-1.4.2020.

There are 265 study programmes available in the first joint application, 116 of which are UAS study programmes and 149 are provided by universities. In total, there are circa 4700 study positions available in the first joint application.

No prioritisation in the first joint application

You can apply to a maximum of six (6) study programmes in every joint application. In the first joint application, there is no need to prioritize the order of the selected study programmes when applying. Each applicant can be accepted to all study programmes for which they are eligible, based on their admission success. However, each applicant can only receive one study place for studies starting in the same semester.

Additional information:

Special adviser Merja Väistö, merja.vaisto [at],  p.029 533 1386
Planning specialist Risto Hanhinen, risto.hanhinen [at],  p. 029 533 1615