The New Europass in a Nutshell

The new Europass is easy to use! With Europass you are able to create a coherent profile, where your skills and interests are presented in a comprehensive way. Europass helps you to manage your career and to find new jobs and learning opportunities.
Skaalattu Europassi Englanti

Europass tools explained shortly

  • In the Library users can save CVs, cover letters, qualifications and other relevant documents. Data protection is secured by the EU. Users can easily share and download documents from the Library
  • A search tool allows users to search for jobs and learning opportunities across Europe. Europass suggestion tool offers suggestions for jobs and courses based on the information users have saved in their profile.
  • With the profile users can create a comprehensive showcase of their skills and interests. The information in the profile can be used when creating CVs or cover letters and users can also choose to share the profile, or selected parts of it, e.g. to an employer. Adding interests into the profile enhances the functioning of Europass suggestion tool.
  • There is also information about the Diploma Supplement, Certificate Supplement and the Europass Mobility in the portal.

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