Europass future developments

Current issues
Europass is undergoing changes this summer and autumn. The portal is being updated in order to improve user-friendliness, and new tools are being released for public use.
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Europass development plans

This summer, Europass Digital Credentials will be released for use. Digital Credentials will allow users to obtain and share information about their grades, degrees, projects and other achievements to interested parties, such as possible employers or educational institutions. These certificates are thus suitable not only for digital degrees, but also for other learning achievements.

Right now, the aim for Europass is to explore how Digital Credentials can be used to support the recognition of foreign degrees in EU-countries. This would also make the digitalization of the Diploma Supplement easier in the future. 

This autumn, the aim for Europass would be to make some technical improvements to user services in both Europass and EURES to improve user-friendliness. To improve user-friendliness, we are planning to simplify the use of the portal, add career planning services and new CV templates.


New digital skills tool

The digital skills self-assessment tool will be tested in various test groups this summer and is expected to be released for public use in the fall. With the help of the self-assessment tool, the Europass user is able to test their own ICT skills in many different ways. They will also receive a summary of their skills, which can, for example, be attached to the user’s CV. The tool also gives the user feedback on their own skills, based on which they can plan which skills they want to start developing and how.