Mika Saarinen has been elected Director of the Finnish National Agency for Erasmus+

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Mr. Mikko Nupponen, Director of the Finnish National Agency for Erasmus+, will retire. Mr. Mika Saarinen, Head of Unit, who has worked with the Erasmus+ programme and its predecessor EU programmes for 24 years, has been chosen as his successor. Saarinen will start in the new position on July 1, 2021.
Mika Saarinen

A total of 28 people applied for the post, seven of whom were interviewed. Mr. Mika Saarinen, M.A., who is currently working as the head of the Internationalization Services for General and Adult Education at the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), was elected to the position.

- I am delighted of being chosen for this post, as the promotion of internationalization opportunities, global competence and the Erasmus+ programme are very close to my heart. My own international experiences from Canada and India have influenced my understanding that the European Union should always be seen as part of the global community as well.

Saarinen has worked on EU programmes in almost all sectors of the programme. Over the years, the vocational education and training and general education sectors, as well as higher education and adult education, have become familiar.

- International know-how is needed everywhere in society, including youth activities and sports, Saarinen says.

—The new Erasmus+ programme period, which started this year, will further increase the opportunities of new actors, in particular, to acquire knowledge and network internationally, both in the EU and globally. That is why it is especially inspiring to start steering the Erasmus+ programme in Finland right now.

The Finnish National Agency for Erasmus+ employs about 50 people. In addition to the Erasmus+ programme, it is responsible for the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps programme in Finland.

Further information:
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