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Admission offered to 6,850 applicants to English-taught study programmes and art study programmes

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Over 32,600 applicants applied to English-taught study programmes and art study programmes offered in the first joint application this spring, with 21% receiving an offer of admission.
Kaksi miestä selailee kirjoja kirjaston hyllyjen välissä

The selection in the joint application consisted of programmes offered in English and programmes offered by the University of the Arts Helsinki. Compared to last year, approx. 800 more applicants were admitted. The number of applicants grew by over 10,000 when compared to last spring. The rate of acceptance was slightly lower (21% in 2022, 27% in 2021).

The most challenging fields of study to be admitted to were arts and culture, with only 10% of applicants being accepted, as well as health and social studies, also with an acceptance rate of 10%. With 26% of applicants accepted, the easiest field to gain admission to was humanities.

64% of all the applicants admitted were accepted to bachelor's degree programmes while 36% were accepted to master’s degree programmes.

61 % of the admitted applicants were offered admission to universities of applied sciences, while 39% were admitted to universities. 33% of the accepted applicants are Finnish citizens. The next two most prominent within the accepted applicants were citizens of Bangladesh and Nigeria. 57% of the total number of accepted applicants were from outside the EU/EEA area.

– The number of applicants from outside the EU/EEA area was significantly larger compared to last year. However, the number of available places did not grow in proportion, which lead to fewer admitted applicants compared to previous years, says Riku Hanhinen, planning specialist in the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The applicants were informed of the results of the joint application during the first week of June. The offer of admission must be accepted by 15 July, before 3 PM EEST. Applicants can be admitted from a waiting list until 2 August.

The higher education institutions can organize supplementary application rounds in order to fill study places left vacant in the joint application. The higher education institutions independently decide if they will organize supplementary application rounds, and the programmes and instructions on how and when to apply will be published on Studyinfo and the institutions’ own websites once the decisions have been made. These programmes can be applied to via Studyinfo.

The joint application to higher education has been divided into two separate joint applications since 2020. In the first joint application, one can apply to degree programmes offered in English and programmes offered by the University of the Arts. In the second joint application in spring, one can apply to degree programmes offered in Finnish and Swedish.

Additional information:

Planning specialist Riku Hanhinen, riku.hanhinen [at] (riku[dot]hanhinen[at]oph[dot]fi), tel. +358 29 533 1615
Planning specialist Topias Kähärä, topias.kahara [at] (topias[dot]kahara[at]oph[dot]fi), tel. +358 29 533 1758