Communicate about your project to share information about the interesting activities and its results.
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Every project makes an impact! – Ideas and inspiration for project communication

Why is communication part of project work? 

Your work in the Erasmus+ project is important and you should also let others know about it. Each project has an impact at the individual or regional level, in educational institutions and in working life. This is why it is important to spread information about your experiences and the results of the project. Something that is routine for you may be new and significant for other persons. Both small and large projects produce results that could also benefit others.

Well-planned communication helps to implement the project. Communication spreads information about the experiences and good practices gained in the project and increases awareness of the project and its implementers. This will make it easier to find new partners later.

Successful communication motivates and engages those involved in the project and attracts outsiders’ interest in the project and the organisation. Communicating about projects brings EU programmes closer to the citizens and shows what can be achieved through activities financed from shared funds. 

Please note that communicating about the project and the funding granted to it is one of the eligibility requirements. The Erasmus + grant agreement specifies how communication about the project should be organised and how EU funding should be made visible. 

The Communicating projects section of the Erasmus + Programme Guide contains tips and instructions related to gaining visibility that you should read carefully.