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Facts Express 2C/2018: Young people's world is changing – what is the response of youth work?

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Facts Express 2C/2018
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Finnish participants have got significant benefits from strategic partnerships of the Erasmus+ Programme

By developing youth work in international cooperation, people try to respond to current trends and big changes in society. The European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme (2014–2020) also supports this development through strategic partnership projects. Strategic partnerships in the youth sector have developed youth work and sought answers to common issues within the sector itself or through cross-sectoral cooperation.

What have the strategic partnerships achieved? The Finnish National Agency for Education carried out a survey, interviewing Finnish coordinators of projects started between 2014 and 2017 and Finnish partners of projects coordinated abroad.

The results and impact of these projects are summarised in this issue of Facts Express. At the same time, it will illustrate topical issues in European youth work today. Our aim is also to recognise and highlight the great work done in the projects.

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