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National literacy strategy 2030

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National literacy strategy 2030
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The National Literacy Strategy 2030 describes the measures that should be taken in Finland to strengthen multiliteracy. Because some differentation already takes place during primary and lower secondary education and the number of persons with ineffective reading skills has increased especially among young people, concrete measures are required at the national, regional and local levels to reverse the direction. The vision of the Literacy Strategy – Finland - the most multiliterate country in the world in 2030 – aims for society in which the importance of literacy is acknowledged widely in all sectors and everyone’s literacy skills will be supported and strengthened throughout their life.

The three guidelines of the National Literacy Strategy are 1) Creating and strengthening structures for literacy work 2) Strengthening multiliteracy competence and 3) Encouraging reading and diversifying literacy.

In the National Literacy Strategy, the concept of multiliteracy is used to discuss reading literacy. Reading and producing texts requires multiliteracy, that is the ability to read, understand, interpret, write and produce multimodal texts in different environments and by using different tools and media. The concept of multiliteracy includes the idea that all literacy skills are equally valuable and necessary.

The steering group has been responsible for the main policy outlines of the Literacy Strategy and the project group for the writing and drafting process. The Literacy Movement of the Finnish National Agency for Education has coordinated the work of the project group and the steering group.

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