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Centre of Expertise in Education and Development

The Centre of Expertise in Education and Development at EDUFI has started its operation in September 2021 and provides expertise for solving the global learning crisis.
Education is the foundation for Finland’s success as a continuously developing society. Our development policy priorities are based on Finland’s strengths, and this makes education one of the prioritized sectors in our development cooperation.

The Centre of Expertise aims at

  • pooling Finnish capacity and expertise in education and development; 
  • facilitating deployment of education-sector expertise for the use of developing countries and multilateral actors; and 
  • supporting partner countries’ efforts in offering equitable and inclusive quality education 

In line with the main goals of Finland’s development policy  of eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities, the Centre of Expertise supports development policy priorities in the education sector: increasing access to high-quality basic education as well as upper secondary education and vocational education and training, taking particularly into account girls and vulnerable children and young people; and strengthening both the inclusiveness of education systems and the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.

The Centre of Expertise will focus on supporting systemic and policy-level development, in areas like teacher training, curriculum development in primary and secondary education, assessment and evaluation, digital learning etc.

During the start-up phase in 2021-2023  the new centre will  

  1. enhance capacity and expertise in education and development by providing training and managing an expert pool  
  2. deploy experts in short-term and long-term expert tasks and missions in the education sector. Alongside bilateral development cooperation supporting Finland’s partnerships with multilateral actors like the European Union and Unicef is seen as a key aspect in the work of the new Centre of Expertise
  3. promote networking and support advocacy in education and development

The Centre of Expertise receives its funding from Finland’s ODA budget. The centre will have a staff of 3 persons, and open recruitment for the positions is currently underway. The centre works in close cooperation with Finnish government authorities, higher education institutions and other stakeholders in the field of education and training, non-governmental organisations as well as the private sector.

For further information, please contact:

Maija Airas

Counsellor of education


+358 29 5338588