Coronavirus epidemic delays language tests: from now on, you can only reschedule your registration once

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The coronavirus situation has complicated the organisation of National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI) tests. The YKI system is doing its best to ensure that a maximum number of candidates in need of the YKI certificate can sit the test as soon as possible. This certificate may be needed when applying for Finnish citizenship, a study place or a job, for example. In addition to YKI tests, language proficiency in Finnish and Swedish can be demonstrated in the Civil service language proficiency certificate system.
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The National Certificate of Language Proficiency system is an official language certificate system of the Finnish government. The certificates can be used for many purposes, such as applying for a job, a place of study or Finnish citizenship, or demonstrating your level of language proficiency to an employer. As tests had to be cancelled and the registrations rescheduled due to the coronavirus epidemic in spring 2020, there are more interested participants than available places in many locations, especially for intermediate level Finnish tests.

From now on, you can only postpone your registration for a language test only once

The situation is challenging for those wishing to take the test. Up till now, candidates have been able to postpone their registrations several times, but as the coronavirus epidemic continues, registrations can from now on only be rescheduled once. After this, the educational institution arranging the test will refund the participation fee to the candidate, and the candidate may re-register for the test date of their choice or prove their language proficiency in some other way. The purpose of this is to prevent a backlog caused by rescheduling and to streamline the registration process. In today's exceptional situation, registrations can be cancelled and postponed without a medical certificate.

You can also give an official demonstration of your language proficiency in the Civil service language proficiency certificate system

The Finnish or Swedish language proficiency required to obtain Finnish citizenship can also be demonstrated in the Civil service language proficiency certificate (VKT) system by completing the VKT test at the satisfactory level. Candidates should contact examiners directly and arrange to take the test. Unfortunately, they should currently also prepare for the possibility that not all examiners can receive proficiency tests due to the coronavirus situation. You can also take a Civil service language proficiency certificate test at the excellent level, for example to apply for a post. These tests take place approximately once a month on the premises of the Finnish National Agency for Education. 

Any tests will be organised following the general safety and hygiene instructions that help prevent the spread of infection issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Arranging the tests safely in this exceptional situation may, for example, affect the number of candidates who can take a certain test at a time.

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