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National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI)

National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI) tests are language tests for adults. YKI test measures functional language proficiency in everyday situations at the basic, intermediate, or advanced level.

You can take the YKI test in the following languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Northern Sámi, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

All YKI tests consist of four subtests: speaking, listening comprehension, writing and reading comprehension. You will get a separate assessment for each subtest.

You can officially prove your language skills in different languages with a National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI). You can use the YKI certificates when you

  • apply for a job or study place
  • apply for Finnish citizenship (certificates of Finnish and Swedish skills)
  • must prove your level of language skills to an employer.